Need preggo friend-o?! South Florida


So I'm 23 years old, live in south florida and am the first of my small friend group to have children (or even WANT them haha) so this may be a far stretch...but id really like a friend/someone to talk to who can relate or share a similar i feel very alone at this time through this.

It would be super cool if it was someone who lived close and we could meet up in person! (Just imagine your baby growing up with a friend around their same age!)

But just texting or something would be nice.

Anyways that's kinda the point of this post.


I'm 23, newly married, have no family around and I work full time in an office. I love taking pictures. Artsy. This is my first pregnancy after 4 years following a miscarriage.


I guess if you're interested comment and we can talk??