To break up or not

I just don't know if I should stay in this relationship. Mind you I'm on period so idk if this is making the problem worse. I try my best to not get in any arguments or disagreements with my bf. If we do have situations I'm usually the one being the bigger person cause I can't stand not talking to him for days or fighting with him. He makes no effort in this relationship, when we have problems he'll go days without talking to me. He doesn't communicate to solve issues he just says "ok" & other dumb shit. Then ignore me. He spends majority of his time with his friends. He just doesn't put me as a priority.  He's 22 & I'm 24. I'm very private with my relationship when we have problems he goes to social media. He has my phone passcode & his finger print is in my phone. I don't have neither passcode for his phone. He wasn't always like but now I just can't deal with it.