Finally felt something!

Christine • Rainbow baby boy born January 2017 🌈 after a missed miscarriage Dec`14, molar pregnancy Apr`15 and blighted ovum Feb'16
So 3 days ago i felt a little bubble pop in my lower belly and my sister told me that was the first type of movement she felt with her baby. Then today i just felt like baby was rolling inside of me, it was like a tickle from the inside, so weird, so funny! I'm at work and then i just had to run to my car to cry because i am so overwhelmed i just felt this! I feel so lucky to be able to feel my baby move after all my losses i kind of thought this moment would never come. Then i realized some women may never be able to feel this and i'm so sorry, i'm so sad. I'm overwhelmed with joy, sadness and hormones, I dont know what to do 😭