Unrealistic body

What I hate the most is when girls (especially young ones) feel self conscious about themselves because:
A. They watch porn and see that the woman's vagina is perfectly intact (no vagina lips or labia sticking out, which, can I add - IS TOTALLY NORMAL!!) 
B. They see models walking down the runway or showing off their fashion sense in magazines/on tv with their perfectly sculpted curves and flat stomachs with thin legs and pretty faces.
I'm not slating porn stars or models, but I just wish that women (and girls) didn't compare themselves with people who have money to be able to change themselves... It's totally unfair. Everybody is different; curves, no curves. Big boobs, small boobs, no boobs. Ass, no ass. Curly hair, straight hair. EVERY. SINGLE. GOD. DAMN. BODY. IS. DIFFERENT! 
We weren't all made the same - that would be super boring! 
SO LADIES, please please please stop bringing yourselves down. Embrace your bodies. Love them - as you'll only ever get one body. Please love yourselves.