How long after a chemical pregnancy do you stop having symptoms?

Had a bfp at 9 dpo that went from faint, to there to faint, fainter, faintest the next week or so.... then bleeding started 6 days ago with terrible cramping ... doctor said it was a chemical and we could start ttc again immediately. I know early losses happen a lot, so I was hoping to get it over with and get back in the saddle. I had uterine fibroids and a dermatoid cyst on my ovary removed that prevented ttc success and this bfp happened our first cycle trying since. While it sucks, I am happy knowing I can get pregnant now.

Well, the bleeding stopped today, but I still have the bloating, fatigue, insomnia, heartburn, nausea and sore, hyper sensitive boobs and cramping. It's constant reminder the baby didn't stick.

When will these symptoms stop? Does this mean I still have hcg in my system? I can't see how I still have hormone in my body after that hardly there positive almost a week ago and all the bleeding. Is the body just slow to catch up to not being pregnant?