Why don't you just tell the truth in the first place?

Kayla • TTC our first child!
So my husband and I always end up in arguments over things that wouldn't be a big deal if he'd just come out with it... but they turn into a big deal because he lies about it.
I don't know what to do. 
Nearly every large argument is because he lied about something and his only reason for lying is "I didn't want you to be mad."
This is the fourth, fifth or 8th time now and I'm just over it! He's in the military and we're about to move to Italy... which means I'm leaving everything I know... but am I leaving to be with a liar? 
I feel stupid. If he can't come to me and talk to me about something and feels he needs to lie about it.. shouldn't we just get a divorce? I love him but I can't keep being lied to and he shouldn't be with someone he thinks he can't talk to.