Been actively ttc since Jan 2016

Been actively ttc since Jan 2016. We would have started a couple of years ago however I had a breast uplift which went horribly wrong and that was me out (healing and having reconstruction = 4 lots of surgery) I also lost my father and was in a dark head space. Like anything it takes time and finally Christmas of 2015 we said let's start he year woth hope and planning for our future.... a baby was a big part of that! initially, the first few mo this I became obsessed (although I never thought I'd be like that) but here I was chatting temps and everything else, reading up and although it helped me determine whether I ovulate or not and checking my cervical positioning etc, I think it made me too anxious! So I took a step back and withinh a couple of months the rest is history!! I am in the very early stages of pregnancy (tested on the day of my AF, making it first 1-2 weeks of pregnancy) although we're so so happy and relieved we can actually get pregnant, we're al too aware that the first trimester is an uncertain one. Fingers crossed this little one sticks 🙏🏻💕