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Lets get to it...

My periods are 6 to 7 days and all of the days are extremely heavy. My last period was 28th of June. Super heavy the first 2 days, nothing at all the 3rd day and the 4th and 5th day was some extremely light spotting. My next period was due July 27th. I am now officially a week late. I took a pregnancy test (Clearblue) 4 days before my missed period and it came up negative. I am showing some symptoms but my body is always playing pregnancy tricks on me. Currently my nails are growing really fast and strong, my nipples are sensitive (more the left then right and the left one hurts) that has never happened during pms. I gained over 5 pounds in a week and a half but i could just be eating habits i guess and i am sensitive to certain smells. I dont know what is going on but i am tired of testing and have been feeling like giving up.

Little background:

Ttc for 11 months.

Was on the pill for 5 years.

Had a depo shot over a year ago (only once)

Irregular periods before birth control. But periods have been normal this year.