Preeclampsia Concerns!?!?

Markita • -Wife to W.J.A, 06/28/14💍 -Mommy to O.J.A, 08/10/16💙 & J.J.A, 03/24/18💙
Im currently 35 weeks & 4 days. I went in to my regularly scheduled appointment with the MFM Doctor & my blood pressure was high, we checked on baby boy & he's doing great. We talked a little & she wanted to retest my BP, now it's a little higher than it was. I'm now doing a 24 hr urine collection & gonna have to start seeing the MFM Dr twice a week. If I am diagnosed with preeclampsia will they go on & induce me or what will happen? I'm hoping for the best possible outcome here. I'm already type 1 Diabetic & now possibly this too. Any & ALL advice &/ or opinions needed!!