HELP How is everyone sleeping at night?!?

I've suffered from insomnia and restless legs for a very long time so I'm use to not getting any sleep between the two.
I have had a pretty great pregnancy and have felt great. Just this past week at night only  I have not been able to get comfortable. It's just when I sleep though. I use to only be able to sleep on my left side but now nothing I do helps me get even somewhat comfortable. Neither side feels good and last night laying on my left side I'm pretty sure I was blocking a nerve or something because I woke up from numbness and extreme pain in my left leg. I always have restless leg in my left leg but it was ten times worse with this pain. I woke up pretty sore and worn out from not getting any sleep. The only half way comfortable position is my back but I know that's not good! 
HELP! Any tips? Or am I just doomed until I have his baby?