Body Image, Don't be afraid to love who you are ❤️

Hey guys, so I know most of you are going to tell me I'm doing this for attention, and maybe you're right... But I'm honestly very self conscious about my body and I've been starting to try to lose weight. Our society is one to say, " if you're even a little curvy, you're too fat. " I've been taught that my entire life, hell, my parents even comment about how I "should lose some weight" or " Ashley you're butt is too big, you're never going to be able to find clothes that fit you. " I've been a curvier girl ever since I was little, but honestly, I'm starting to see that having a little bit of curve is not such a bad thing. I can see I have a little waist, my hips and my butt are just a little bigger than usual, but that's what God gave me and I'm learning to be proud of it. Sure a lot of times I wish I was a size 2, and could fit into all the cute, trendy clothes that everyone my age is wearing. But to hell with that. I'm a slim thick girl. I want anyone and everyone to post a picture of their bodies, even if they hate it, and I want you to say one positive thing that you see. And if you can't find anything, well I'm sure the girls here can tell you. We're all amazing and beautiful in our own separate ways, and I know every girl has had self image issues. We are all a big family, and we need to feel loved and beautiful too. 
I'm Ashley, 17 years old, 165 pounds, 5'7", and I'm a slim thick girl ❤️