Finaly, my turn.. (definetly a detailed one)

Wella Mary

38th weeks came, i've been waiting for this day thinking that i might go to labor sooner.. but 38th and 39th week pass by with out any contraction or even braxton hicks.. as a first time mom, i dont know what to expect, and i really want my baby in my arms..

I want a natural delivery with out epidural.. i dont what to undergo operation cause its too painful our the pocket and its posible risk. I got impatient, until...

Aug 4, my due date. I got bloody show at 12:45am.. my husband got nervous thinking that by blood we might lost our son.. we went back to sleep, with out any contractions.. as that day goes by routinely, i went walking around the neighborhood and when i came home, i felt a tolerable contactions and thinking this is it..

Aug 5, we when to the hospital for admission since the pain lasted a minute and gaps in between 4min but sadly im still in 2cm dilated..then the doctor decided to incude me around 6pm, then the pain kick in! i cant explain the pain i felt l, but still i decided to go natural all the way..

August 6 at 6am, with all the pain i felt, sleepless night, im still in 6cm dilated.. i felt so sad.. i wanna push my baby that time, but my labor progresses so slow then at 10am after my doctor i.e me, she found out meconuim stain.. and we decided to gi for emergency csection.. at 11:17am i met my lil man..