Antimicrobial mattress concerns about birth defects

I am 5 weeks pregnant and so so paranoid about losing the baby. I do suffer from anxiety and I have a little OCD when it comes to sicknesses.  I have been reading about the danger of antimicrobial that can be found in products like toothpaste, makeup, soap, toys, and mattresses, etc. I read they can cause birth defects. I am in the process of moving and we bought a temperpidic mattress that was $5,000 and I just read that it contains antimicrobial. Should I be concerned that this will cause birth defects or harm my unborn baby?  I keep googling about the dangers of mattresses and that they have all these chemicals in it that were not used in older mattresses and they "gas out" of the matress. This is something I never  gave much thought to. I know the famous quote that most moms say is " when I was pregnant I ate and did what I wanted and I had a healthy baby."  But times are different now, back then mattresses didn't have flame retardant chemicals and formaldehyde! Food did not have GMO's.  Back then autism was unheard of.  All of these chemicals and synthetic materials are being added to products more than ever and it is too new to know the side effects.....ok I know I just went on a tangent there...but I had to vent.  Can anyone relate to what I'm saying? I know I have to try to stay calm but it's hard. Should I be worried about the matress?