How does this make any sense?!


So I posted this (something similar) in another group but it applies to both so...

My period is 9 days late. Not one. Not 2. Freaking 9! I have already tested myself because the only logical thing would be if I was pregnant. But nope, it came back negative so what is going on?

Is it possible for periods to change as the season does? Seriously does this happen to anyone else? I've been tracking my period for 3 years and every year by June/July when its hot, my period comes in the beginning of the month. By December its at the very end of the month. Even on BC it did this! To the point where my period would show up a full week before the pills would allow me to have my period.

I've been breaking out like I usually do before my period, but like I said, its been 9 days since I was supposed to have it. Any one know why? Or something aha because I am lost.