Pregnancy Scare!

Tolinda • Newlywed & first time mommy!
I'm 28 weeks currently. I woke up on Sunday morning with lots of bleeding...scared me to death. I was screaming for my husband. He called the doctor & rushed me to the hospital. They were testing me to make sure the placenta hadn't ruptured or was becoming unattached. They checked me & I was 1cm dilated. After a few hours of being monitored in Labor & Delivery...all test came back good & they were gonna let me go home. Then contractions started & the baby's heart rate started going all over the place. The doctor said something about starting me on steroids because they may have to take the baby. They did an ultrasound & said she looks to be around 2 pounds & a few ounces. I've never been so scared! They gave me iv's to try & get the contractions to stop. They lasted for 2 days! I'm finally home but on bed-rest for now. I'm glad my little one gets to stay in a little while longer. Now I'm in bed at home much daytime TV can one person watch?!?!?