Horrible guilt

Anyone else feel horribly guilty for some of the parenting choices I guess you could say? I still beat myself up for not being able to breastfeed (couldn't latch so exclusively pumped for 2 weeks) due to getting severe post eclampsia and having to get put on meds so couldn't give her my milk. The. I dried up by the time I came off the diuretics and blood pressure meds. My 4mo old daughter has a flat spot on the right side of her head as she hates tummy time and cries and wails every time we try. My husband was also putting her in her snug a puppy swing for an hour or two at a time while I was at work which was what started the flat spot in the first place....so scared she will end up with cranial defects from this and need a helmet at her 4 month appt. The husband also got her hooked on watching television specifically cartoons already and it is the only thing that keeps her occupied sometimes. When I really have to get something done I have to put her in the bouncer chair and turn on Nickelodeon. I try to only keep her in front of the television for no more than 15 min at a time and only once a day, twice at absolute most but I told myself I WOULD NOT be the kind of parent that uses cartoons as a baby sitter. I feel like I am now when I absolutely have to get something done quickly. Feeling like a massive failure all the way around and was just hoping to hear from anybody else if they are feeling this way or do these things.