Very bad ultrasound experience!

I'm just kind of appalled at how my ultrasound appointment went yesterday. So it started off that we didn't get called back into the room until a half hour after our appointment time, not including they require us to register 15 min prior... I was annoyed but I brushed it off. As soon as the fiancé and I entered our room the tech says "why are you even getting an ultrasound?" (Might I add I am 14 weeks pregnant). I explained to her that I was supposed to have a Nuchal translucent ultrasound on July 29th, but the person who was supposed to perform it no longer works there and so I wasn't able to get it done because it has to be done within a special time frame. Also I lost my first one at 18 weeks 6 days due to anencephaly so I'm assuming my doc wanted to give me the ultrasound as kind of a piece of mind. Next she complained that the order was put in wrong, then when I just simply asked if it was possible to just see if we could see the gender and she looks at me and says "haha I'm not even going to try, you're way to early. If you want the gender you have to get genetic testing done or wait until your 20 week ultrasound." Then during the process of the ultrasound she was grunting and groaning and kept saying UGH and proceeded to tell me " you're baby is being way too uncooperative today, it shouldn't take this long!" Like seriously!? I left my appointment feeling like it was a waste of time and that I shouldn't have been there. Not to mention the ONE photo she gave me was of something I had no idea what it was. She said here's a picture of the heartbeat. I felt so worthless that I called and talked to my doctors nurse about my experience and she said she would talk to the department. Was I wrong to feel this way and complain?? I just wanted to make sure my baby was ok and didn't have anencephaly or any other problems... Kind of feeling like poo. :(