Weird PP Bleeding-please help!

So. 12 days PP I had a hard and painful bowel movement followed by bleeding. As of today, that bleeding has gone on for 6 days straight. Not just when I go to the bathroom, all of the in I have to wear a pad. I was convinced this bleeding was from a hemorrhoid or something similar, so I made an appt with gastro. Went there this morning and the doctor seemed so confused. I wasn't bleeding from my rectum, also seemed like it was below my stitches (had an episiotomy-2nd degree tearing). They called my OB and sent me over there immediately. My OB looked at it (along with a nurse, a medical student and another doctor) and they seemed a tad confused too. They are saying its trauma from giving birth unrelated to my anus and also unrelated to my incision spot. They have referred me to a general surgeon but he is extremely booked and aren't sure when he can fit me in.
So basically I am continuously bleeding from my perineum. I don't know for sure if there is a cut or opening in my skin there or what exactly. It is dark red/brown blood. Has anyone else experienced this?? Or just me.
My doctor said possibly have to have a procedure where they go in and clear out all of this old blood and then stitch me all back up. I am dreading this as I don't have any help with my baby and my husband has limited vacation days. Someone please give me some advice!!