Registry sadness

No one is buying it from my registry. I've got my baby shower coming up this weekend, and so far four to five people have bought stuff from my registry. I was complaining about it to my best friend (the only one who I can trust to be discreet) about how I'm excited that everyone is coming to celebrate my baby but I also need a Boppy and other thing that it be nice if they brought them for me. She bought me a Boppy and send it to me the next week. Isn't she great?
Anyway, I'm trying to focus on the positive: we have a baby shower by someone who loves us; lots of people are coming; it's a celebration of life for the baby; etc. But is it OK in this safe space to say: I want people to buy me things on my registry and not just a bunch of crap!! We can afford to have a baby on our own, but you have to be super rich to not find something better to do with that money if people will just buy the things that you need!