Best friend doesn't know I'm pregnant

I got married July of last year and my wedding was last minute, we literally prepared it in three weeks as my husband had to leave the country for a few months. I invited my friends as soon as I knew I was getting married but most of them were shocked as they didn't see it happening that quick. My best friend was so hurt thinking I knew I was getting married but didn't want to include her in the planning. I explained to her that it all happened too quick. She came to the wedding but was acting very strange and I pretty much never heard from her since. I reached out to her numerous times but she never responds. I got married and moved out of the country with my husband And came back home 4 months ago.  before I came home I told her I'm coming but I got no response again. I am now pregnant and due next month and she obviously doesn't know,  she will probably be more hurt when she finds this out. 
Am I at fault here?