Would you risk losing your child to keep a companion?

Jess👑 • She wears strength and darkness equally well.
So my sister in law is considering letting her nine year old daughter go live with her father in Texas. My niece isn't happy being a step child to my sister in laws boyfriend. Her boyfriend also has 2 other kids from a previous relationship. Now my sister in law gets child support from her baby's father but the money she get is not used for her daughter instead it's used for the other kids and used to buy cigarettes and everything other then things for her daughter. The person my sister in law is with they have a very very toxic relationship and are fighting ever other day. My sister will leave with my niece when her and her Bf are fighting and will roam the streets of New Jersey. My niece has mentioned several time of wanting to live with her father in Texas. I feel like my sister in law is willing to give up her daughter so she can stay with her boyfriend. 

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