Morning sickness remedies

Im 6w 3d and ive had horrible morning sickness since 4w. This week it has escalated to vomiting a few times each morning. I have tried tons of ideas people have given to stop the nausea. Heres what ive found helped:
Pregnancy lollipops-helped my general nauseated feeling, but werent somethingi wanted to try in the morning, and after awhile all the sugar was too much for my belly.
Ginger pills- worked at first, but then i started to burp up ginger taste i only became more nauseated
Saltines and ginger ale- help during the afternoon, but once again not something i wanted in the early a.m. Also the sugar in the ginger ale eventually started to upset my belly.
Orange juice- helps a lot! Only downfall is it leaves an after taste and if you drink it too much you can get ulcers in your mouth. 
Sea Bands/ Psi bands- picked these up at the drugstore for $13. Theyve been working wonders. My husband says its all in my mind but whatever it is it works! 
What helps you all?? Anything i havent tried??