So just FYI

So me being like you guys was TTC and do it as fast as possible . Had my first baby last year on the first try . Actually just the first time we didn't use protection we weren't actually trying lmao . But this time I was finally feeling ready for another (hubby wanted to try like 3 months after her and I said NO my c section scar was still so much in pain ) anyways , I started to buy ovulation tests , track EWCM and follow glow . The first month I drove myself nuts , I never could actually read the ovulation tests to me they all said no so I barely had sex cause I was so disappointed and also I didn't see any EWCM so I was like eff it something s wrong with me (I'm dramatic I had been trying all of 5 days) so I gave up for the month missed all my fertile Windows all that . Next month I buy "pre seed " cause I diagnosed myself with having no EWCM even though I had seen lots of it months previously .... Well BAM got pregnant lol , also just had sex every other day instead of just what glow said and didn't take the ovulation tests . Pre seed is life I swear lol . And don't get discouraged !