My mom

Princess👑💕 • I really want to make friends on here I hope people see me as a friendly person😭😂 and I'm also 15 .
ok so my mom is always going off on me about how I don't do anything in the house ( WHICH I DO) and like today I was at work and earlier this morning she had texted my sister and I telling us to clean the house and we did but I did most of the work ! but i.e. as basically being rushed by my sister cause she wanted me to go with her to get some stuff so I didn't get to finish cleaning the bathroom which I only had to clean the toilet the bathtub and the sinks and Mirrors that's it! so my mom comes and starts blowing up my phone telling me that I never do anything that I'm just a spoiled brat and that I don't respect and that's all she ever says to me and then of course she has to be like "oh you should just move out and go live with your dad or Jodi(My boyfriend) and I'm done with your bullshit always disrespecting me" mind you I'm only 15. I honestly can't respect someone if they don't won't respect me. I know she's my mother and all and I live under HER roof but this and everything she does or says hurts my feelings so much.. is this a way to treat your youngest daughter ? is it alright for her to do all of that or to even go that far as to basically trying to kick me out the house?