Feeling extremely guilty! 😩

Let me start by stating that my husband is a very jealous man. I have just accepted it for what it is. I still love him with all my heart. 
But now I feel guilty. 
So today I had a usual customer of mine come in. He was speaking  to another employee about how he was helping out at a concert tomorrow. This wasn't just any concert. This was my MOST FAVORITE celebrity in the world!! I almost started crying just over hearing the conversation. Well my coworker was nice enough to introduce me to the customer and asked if he could get me some tickets. He told me he could do better and get me hooked up with a meet and greet! I couldn't hold back the tears I was so excited! 
He then asked for my number so he could tell me when and where to meet the celebrity before the concert. So I gave him my number 😞 
He ended up texting me tonight and telling me where to go tomorrow. I had to hide the text and then immediately deleted it after I read it. 
 I told my husband all about how I got hooked up with a meet and greet. My husbands first question was "did you give a random guy your number??"... I immediately lied and said no. 😖 
I regret lying...but he wouldn't let me meet my favorite celeb if I told the truth. And I have the worst karma ever! He WILL find out and I can't help but feel guilty. I am a married woman and I gave a man my number 😞 
Wtf do I do?