Low supply. Running out of hope!


My son is a week old today. This is my second child, I tried to bf my first but my milk never came in at all. This time I have been lucky enough that my milk came in, which I was so excited about abs thought for sure that meant we'd be good to go. However here we are a week into it and I'm almost ready to throw in the towel. My supply is lower than what he needs, or so it would seem? He has lost a bit of weight, which I know is normal. But the biggest reason I don't think he's getting enough is because he has been cluster feeding literally non stop. This is day 3. And even after feeding for 2 to 3 hours straight, he acts like he's still hungry/wants to latch. My breast have no chance to refill before he's feeding again. I've had to supplement a few times just to give them a chance to replenish. I'm taking fenugreek to try to help boost my supply. You'd think after feeding constantly my supply would boost itself.

In need of advice/encouraging words. Please tell me someone has been through this and succeeded!?