Black eye

I came home from work to being thrown on the floor and a knee pushing my face into the carpet, he kept punching me in the ribs and he hit my face a few times. . He was screaming at me that I was crazy and I needed to stop being so psychotic. I had a hard day at work and I was really tired so I guess I was a little short.... but. He held me down and covered my mouth and I couldn't breath and he wouldn't let up. I was screaming and scratching, anything that might have got him away from me. When he finally let me go I threw up because I was gagging on my own spit in the struggle. After about 10 minutes of me laying on the floor where he left me crying, he came in and started yelling at me that I needed to clean myself up and he started cursing at me for vomiting on the floor. He came back with a warm rag and tried to comfort me. I yelled at him to leave me allowed and he went right back into anger. He kept saying it was my fault he just wanted me to be quiet. He held me down like I was trying to kill someone... a few hours later I went in the make dinner. I wasn't hungry. But I made something anyway and he ate it and thanked me for the wonderful meal. Then he left to go see his friends and before bed I just took off my remaining make up that had smeared. Uncovering quite a noticeable black eye. His reaction was trying to justify it and saying he didn't mean to hurt me like that. I don't know what I'm going to do if someone at my work mentions it. Ugh. I have work in 5 hours. I'll keep you lovely ladies posted.