Confused with Clomid and cycles please help

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So I took 1 round of Clomid last month and didn't get pregnant. I started my second round of Clomid today. I have PCOS and hardly ever get periods. Well last month I was prescribed provera which gives you a period therefore I knew what cycle days to take the Clomid, well this time around my Dr did not Prescribe the provera.. She said I didn't need it. But I was confused because without my period how will I know what cycle days to take the Clomid?!? She just said they go by a 28 day cycle between periods if you don't get your period. Well the 28th day was 8/1.. And now it's 8/11.. She said just to take it and that I will ovulate 5 days after the last pill. I'm just so confused. Has anyone else been in this same situation? Have PCOS, no periods, and taking Clomid? Please help