Don't know what to say

My boyfriend and I have been together 2 years. Been trying for a baby about 1 year.

Well tonight he was all weird with me saying he wants to have a baby with me but he doesn't want us to have a baby and that be our only thing our only connection. He doesnt want it to be like because we have a kid we automatically are a couple. HE doesn't want us to have a baby then go our seperate ways. He's afraid I'll meet someone and take his baby away from him and such.

I was sad that he felt that way. He said he'd rather us be married first. I told him I understand where he's coming from and such.

Then he blew me away and said "Marry me?" I wasn't mentally prepared at all for that. He said he doesn't have much right now (I don't care about that ) but he had a family friend who is a jeweler make a little ring for me. I don't have a picture but it's silver and has the infinity symbol with a heart and a small cluster of diamonds with our initials engraved on the inside.

I burst into tears and told him I wasn't sure if i was ready.

He just smiled kissed me and was like "i don't mean tomorrow you goof. I'll wait as long as you like"