anesthesia in colposcopy

This is something that i find to be kind of.m a controversy, that is, why is there only mild local anesthetic during cervical biopsies? We get put under "twilight anesthesia" when we get a tooth removed but women dont get much of anything when it comes to removing a part if their genitals. I know that if you have even one  abnormal pap that most gyns will tell you to get a colposcopy, but i find them to be unnecessary when most CIN1 heal themselves, and 80% of colposcopys come back fine. I think that it's unnecessary legal mutilation and anesthetic should be used. Not just local, which is administered with a needle. Ouch. I think its a very vulnerable and violating position to be in, and most times the cervix can be monitored and more frequent paps can be taken.  Tell me what you think as well and if you have had a cervical biopsy what your experience was.