Freaking out (not baby related)

So I find out my husband has a fatty liver NOT caused by alcohol. Turns out he was told by the Military to exceed normal dosage of Ibuprofen which apparently can cause a fatty liver. Plus he tells me that the ultra sound they did showed a mass on his liver. I'm so scared right now, if something happens then I'm on my own with no family around me. I wont know what to do at all. Luckily our bills are fairly low but almost everything is under his name right now (police told us to do that due to my exs.) I am starting to look for another job as I am not working right now. My husband makes enough but if he is really really sick I need to step up. I have actually been looking anyways because I'm not the type to just sit around doing nothing at the house. He isn't too concerned or at least he isn't showing it but I'm freaking out. Just needed to vent he doesn't want to tell anybody until he knows what is going on.