Long birth story

I went in to be induced on Sunday August 7 at 5 pm. At that time I was 40 weeks 6 days. They were worried about the size of the baby since she measured 42 weeks on Friday 8/5. They started by checking my cervix which was very posterior(apparently a generic trait I found out later) 2cm dilated and I think it was 50% effaced (with diff docs through my visits they couldn't agree on the effacement). They decided to put in both a balloon and cervadil. They couldn't start pitocin yet. Soon I was starting to feel contractions. I don't know how close together they were but I was finally able to feel them. They hurt and were really close together apparently. At about 4 am I called for the nurse to ask for pain meds. She also took out my cervadil. Mon morning the doc came in and said there wasn't enough of a change to start pitocin yet so they put in cervadil again. I had some contractions I could feel that day but nothing major. They checked my cervix again and it had only softened a little so they decided to do the balloon over night. Tues morning they checked and said I was ready for pitocin which they started about 9am. At 130 they broke my water and the contractions came so bad back to back I couldn't handle it so I asked for the epidural. It was really good to be out of pain! At around 1030pm they checked again and said I was ready to push! Soon we found out she was OP or sunny side up. Even with the epidural I was having pain in my lower back and hips! They had me push in a bunch of different positions. 4 hours of pushing later and I'm exhausted! They thought about vacuum or forceps but there wasn't enough room. I was told i needed a c-section. Crazy enough there were 3 other women giving birth at the same time! They prep me and bring me back to the operating room. When they got her head out I heard the surgeon say "Holy cow that is a BIG baby!" I briefly got to see her before they took her off to make sure she was ok. Once in recovery I was able to breast feed her right away. They told me there was no way she was going to come out vaginally. Even if I got her head out her shoulders would have been stuck! She was 10 lbs 7 oz and 20.5 in long born 8/10/16 at 4:03 am Elizabeth Marie Marshall