Pia • Miscarriage with my 4th, trying to conceive baby number 5
I'm 33+4 due sept 26th. I'm a barber/cosmetologist and I'm doing makeup and hair for my nieces wedding August 26th. My oldest daughter's birthday is September 13th , my last day of work is September 16th and my daughter's family party for her bday is the September 17th. Then Monday September 19th is my scheduled c-section because of the preeclampsia from my first birth. WHEW....it was overwhelming just to type all of that. In all honesty I'm happy I have the energy and strength this late in my pregnancy being this far along. I'm high risk due to my age,37, my previous preeclampsia, I'm overweight, I have matained the obesity, throughout this whole pregnancy I've only gained 14lbs, and to top it all off I have multiple sclerosis. I'm a fighter and have no time to feel sorry for myself. There's too many people out there going through way worse.