Why is my mom such a B****!!!!!

So yesterday my cousin asked my mom when was she planning on throwing my baby shower? Her response was she is not concerned about throwing me a shower!!! I am due in February and we are in the process of buying a home in a different state!!! So my cousin suggested that November would be the best option due to the move and the holidays! But NOPE my mother was not having it, she recommended that either my mother in law pays for the whole thing and then we can do it whenever we want or the last weekend in January works for her! How is that possible? A shower 2 weeks before my due date???? It has become a pattern that every time there is something significant going on in my life she just doesn't care! She pulled the exact same thing at my wedding!!! Told everyone she had the shower under control and never planned anything!!! Last minute my in laws and bridal party threw me a small shower!!! It's really annoying that I always have to deal with this nonsense.... Am I wrong for feeling this way????