Getting frustrated

I'm on month 9 of ttc and starting to get really upset and frustrated. I see people around me getting pregnant like its nothing and here I am trying everything...and nothing has happened. The closest I've been was a chemical last cycle which led to me period being 2 weeks late this cycle. I really thought I could have been pregnant because I was so late. Nope. I just want to be pregnant so badly and give my husband a baby. I've tried preseed, taking mucinex, fertilaid and a few other things. I'm now going to try pregnitude and using opks religiously and the SMEP. Does anyone else have any advice? Besides not trying and worrying about it. I've tried that, too. Thank you for any advice. I'm starting to get so upset. And I know lots of people have been trying for a lot longer and I'm so sorry. It's just so hard and I would appreciate any advice. Thank you!! We're both 26 years old.