Am I wrong? He is risking missing the birth of his first daughter. ( We were in a long distance relationship and were engaged this past Christmas) Not together now

My daughter will be born next week. The father is not here but said he would be for the birth. He has two boys and they live up north and I'm down south. They are 10 and 5 and this is their first year playing football. All the father of my child keep saying is that his boys need him and how they have a scrimmage tomorrow and their first game is August 24th. That's my due date but I go in on the 17th for a c section. Literally days away. I'm sorry but I don't give a damn about his boys football game when I'm about to give birth to his first daughter. He thinks I'm being selfish. How the hell am I being selfish. This is a newborn we're talking about. I think that takes presidence over a few football games smh. I'm over it!!!!!