Used for my virginity

So I'm 22 and I just recently lost my virginity to my first bf. We dated for three months and then decided to get into a relationship of which only lasted three more months. He broke up with me one week exactly after I had given him my virginity. He told me he was a virgin too. Btw he's 25. I thought it was such a beautiful thing to have waited so long and to be in a relationship to make that decision and I was so happy that he too was a virgin and we were losing it together and I just found out that he has a child. While we were together he kept updating me about his cousins pregnancy and I thought it was a little weird. Turns out I was lied to about EVERYTHING! He has a child in Mexico. I honestly believed him and I was living a fairytale. He used me and left. I'm numb to this and I know I'm not the only woman who has been used and left. Sadly, I'm not the last. But I really did give my all to him and he took ever last bit of me for himself and left me. I cried so much when he was breaking up with me telling me he lost feelings for me and he didn't like me anymore. He did the "it's not you, it's me". I believed him!! I plan on getting tested for STD's because I just  don't know anymore. He took the most beautiful thing from me and I TOLD HIM I gave you the most precious gift I could give to a man. He didn't G.A.F.!!!