Self Conscious after Cheating Problems

So my boyfriend cheated on me a few months ago and it wasn't until I drunkenly made out with a girl that he confessed to me about him cheating. Originally I was feeling like shit for having cheated but then he forgave me and told me what he did. He said since I was black out drunk I shouldn't feel bad but that he was 100% sober when he cheated. We're a long distance relationship and won't be seeing each other for another two weeks but today I started feeling very self conscious about my looks and my personality and just in general. My friends have been getting endless likes on their recently posted London photos and I get none. I don't know why I'm feeling like this and I don't know if I should address it with my boyfriend because I feel like it might just make him hate himself more and that wouldn't be my intent. Him and I also decided to keep this between each other because we don't want other input saying "BREAK UP!" Since we haven't been face to face to figure this all out. My thing is, does it make sense for why I'm feeling so shitty about myself? Will that feeling pass? Do I talk to him about how I'm feeling?