Friends W/ Benefits!!

Rachel • Very friendly !
Soooooo first of all , me and my boyfriend just broke up last Monday (August 1) after being together for 9 months because he "Lost feelings , says he wasn't ready & that it's scary how I depended on him" .. Mind you he has been in love with me for 4 years and now that he has me I guess I wasn't what he pictured I would be which till this day kills me .. So we broke up but like 3 days ago he messaged me and said that he wanted to be friends with benefits because he was really horny .. TBH it kills me because we went from making love to using each other for pleasure .. It hurts but I said yes to him only because I want him to gain feelings .. Idk I'm second guessing the decision . I haven't had sex with him because I'm on my period but I don't know if I should because I haven't seen him since the break up and I feel like if we have sex I'll cry idk guys idk I need help ..