Need some advice from new moms about the hospital


Sorry ladies, I didn't know where to post this.

I'm looking for a REALISTIC list of stuff to bring in my bag. I've read a million different things to bring with, but I want to know what I should ABSOLUTELY bring from home and exactly what they provide for you. Some things to bring you couldn't live without and what they give you while you stay and things you were able to take home....pads, underwear, clothes, pillow, baby items, etc. Please help me!! I'm going for the tour in a couple weeks but I know I'll forget to ask.

TIA! and sorry for a long post....planning on vaginal delivery and no SO so I'll have my sister for my support.

EDIT: THANK YOU Mamas so so much for all these feedback. I definitely got more than enough support from you wonderful ladies. I definitely have a good grasp on what to bring