Hiding Pregnancy From Husband?


So Im not pregnant yet but my husband and I are TTC. In March 2015, we got a positive pregnancy result. We had started planning for the baby, told our parents and felt really good about our doctors. Well, I started spotting and I pushed my doctors for an ultrasound at my supposed 7th week. The ultrasound was black,she saw an empty uterus. She thought it was an ectopic pregnancy...but it wasn't. My husband broke down....for days. Not only was he upset about the miscarriage but he was extremely worried about my health because my doctor put the fear of an ectopic pregnancy in his head. I never seen him so upset in our 9 years together.

So now that we are making a real effort to have a baby, I dont want a repeat of our miscarriage if that were to happen (but Im still optimistic!). Should I hide a potential pregnancy from him for a little while? How long should I hold out? My AF is very normal so...this would be a difficult task faking it lol.