34 wks - want to switch to a birthing center

Is it too late for me to drop my OB and hospital birth and switch to a midwife and a birthing center or home birth? I love my OB, but have recently been getting frustrated with her office. They randomly close  on days that they're supposed to be open without notifying their patients. No one EVER answers the phone. I always have to leave a voicemail and then be called back which can sometimes to lead to days of phone tag since I work with kids and can't always take a call whenever I get one. I also feel like lately any questions I ask are met with the answer of "there's no way to tell" or "we'll just wait until the time comes and see". Plus, I've never envisioned myself having a hospital birth. I always wanted a midwife and a birthing center or home birth, but for some reason I allowed myself to be convinced that hospital was best for baby #1. I've had several complications with this pregnancy and this very well may be my only biological baby and I don't want to look back with any regrets. Especially if that ends up being the case. Help! Can I switch?!