Birth story


At my 40wk appt, my OB said my AFI was at 5 (dropped from 10 in about 1.5wks) and called for a direct admission for induction. I was heart broken about getting induced, even cried when I went home to grab a bag. I asked for fluids but I was full term with bordeline AFI, 1.5cm dilated for 2wks, cervix was nowhere close to thinning.

I was started on cervical ripening agent at 8pm and lots of fluids. Needless to say the possibility of sleep was going to be a distant memory. 2hrs later I was allowed to eat my last meal. The agent was removed at 2am because of unsteady heart beats for the baby after contractions. At 5am I got my requested enema (highly recommend). At 7:30am, I was 90% effaced so pitocin was started very slowly because I wanted to go "oh naturale". It was increased about every 15mins. I could hear another mom-to-be next door screaming bloody murder and was terrified. I just prayed for her and myself and tried to stay positive. By 9:30am things started to pick up. I was 3-4cm dilated and the pain was still very bearable. By 11:30am I was 5cm and the on-call doc broke my "water". It literally took seconds for the 1st so-you-think-you're-strong contraction to say hello. I cried! My sister and mom encouraged me not to cry and breathe (easier said than done) but I managed. The contractions were hitting from back to front and back again.

I could barely lay on my back for the next check. When the doc said 7cm I asked if she was serious. I started asking for everything under the sun. They said they couldn't give me anything. My big sister was literally the best birth coach (not that I have anything to compare) I could've ever asked for. She was applying counter pressure on my back, telling me to focus on her and how to breathe, fanning away my hot flashes, all while allowing me to squeeze all the blood from her hand. My lil sis alternated with my mom, soothing, holding my other hand and fanning away (felt like I was in a sauna). The pressure and urge to push was sooooo overwhelming I was shaking and screaming and calling on Jesus. They enouraged me to breathe but every contraction felt like it was lifting me off the bed and all I wanted to do was push. They said relax and don't push but I felt like they just didn't understand what they were asking of me. When the doc checked and said 9.5cm, I knew for sure that lady could neither count nor measure.

By then I'd lost track of time...nah that's a lie, I just didn't care anymore. They said my doc was on his way. I looked around the room and asked if the on-call doc couldn't just deliver. She said my doc is on his way. My sweet nurse said he's on his way just breathe. My big sis said they follow you all this time and would be an honor for them to deliver their babies. I said I'll take anyone in scrubs, even a medical student. Then the nurse got a call and said the doc was in the building. Music to my ears. Everything went by so fast. My doc said with the next contraction to take a deep breath, pull back my legs, bend my head and bear down. 3 pushes later, my 7lbs 2oz son was out and all the pain disappeared. Needless to say I was crying and thanking the Lord for everything. It was over and the time was 1:38pm. To God be the glory!