Need advice

My last period on the 18th July was brown discharge when I visited the toilet and it lasted two days I'm normally on for 4 days like clockwork and usually the same time ...on the 18th I actually had a doctors appointment of which I spoke to the doctor about my period he said that it's possible for me to be pregnant and to take a test which I got was a negative ...
  A few days before my period I had a small amount of blood on my tissue when I wiped which lasted an hour....two days after this I have had a clear watery substance in my knickers almost looks like I got caught short at the toilet ...that is still happening the week leading up to my period I have had tender boobs and very tired ...the day before my period on 13/08/2016 I had bad lower back pain and cramps on my left side BF said I've been emotional 13/08/2016 is my date for aunty flow however no sign I feel all good as though no sings of period month ......should I test today or wait as me and my partner have been trying for two years ?????
Help and any advice would be great fun