Kane David is born!!

Audrey • 💙💗
Born at 6:26PM August 10th (39w2d)
Contractions began at 4PM on 8/9, went to hospital at 7AM 8/10 when they were 3 mins apart. I was at 4 cm (no cervical change since my appointment), and they didn't want to admit me but I knew this was it!! So I walked for 45 minutes and sure enough, I had made it to a 5. Thank goodness! Then my OB came and broke my water around 11AM at  6cm. 
Contractions immediately got so intense I was in tears!! I was waiting in the anesthesiologist & my epidural and she was taking forever 😩 Got my epidural and I was 7 at that point. 
Progressed from 7-9 very quickly. It then took me over 3 hours to get from 9 to 10. Around 4pm, it was time to push. We practiced for 10 minutes but he was still at only a zero station. I labored down for about 30 minutes then resumed pushing. Wasn't getting anywhere. He was stuck behind my pelvic bone. I pushed for almost an hour before my doctor suggested we use forceps. I was sad and reluctant, but trusted in him to get my baby our safely because he was starting to be in distress. It took about 5 pushes to get him past the bone and then my doctor removed the forceps and let me push him out on my own! Born at 6:26PM. A beautiful baby boy 💙😉 
I had a 4th degree internal tear and several hemorrhoids that "blew up" during pushing. It took him almost an hour to stitch me up. In other words, he jacked me up 😩😢 He is worth every single thing. I'm so in love!  
He is so perfect