Would you consider this a reason to induce?

I'm considering getting induced on my due date, August 27.

My OB is willing, as she says my cervix, pregnancy, and baby's position are all favorable.

I've had 1 membrane sweep that didn't work, my mucous plug came out, I'm 3 cm dilated and baby's head is in position since 37 weeks.

The reason I want to get induced is that I have an 8 year old child who i have no alternative care for other than a weekend (which just so happens to be my due date). Otherwise, if I go into labor on any other day- I'd have to bring her which ultimately, is stressful.

Also, my fiance's schedule is a bit unpredictable so unless it's a set date, there's no guarantee he'll be there. (The doctor assumes my labor will be fairly quick) .

Lastly, my daughter's first day of school will be starting the following week and it'd be difficult to adjust balancing bringing her to school along with a newborn a few days old.

So given those reasons, would you choose to induce on your due date?

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