Just need to vent and see if I am being unreasonable

So I just got out of bed because I got so mad at my husband for yelling at me for no reason. I'm laying n bed watching tv. He is beside me sound asleep till he rolls over and says that's a good lawyer you should get him. I look at him and ask him what he is talking about. You can't just say something like that and not tell me why u said it. He said I must have been dreaming. I asked him what it was about. He says just drop it but I couldn't. Then he yelled when I asked him to tell me... Just f**king drop it already! I said oh hell naw and went to the living room. Should I be pissed?
I kept insisting he tell me because when he does stuff like this he gets in his head and thinks I'm cheating or something. And I would never! I know if he talks about it then he feels better about it. I mean he was talking in his sleep one night and I woke him up cuz he was getting loud, next thing I know he realizes he is awake in bed with me and grabs me and starts crying. I asked what was wrong and his reply was... I thought I had lost you. 
That's why I insisted on him telling me.