Really not happy with my doctor at this point. I'm 39 weeks today and am deal with a whole host of pains from having a bad back and ankle. I am fully aware that the end of pregnancy is always rough, but it shouldn't be like this to where I get no sleep from contractions that do nothing or pain in either hip that wakes me every ten minutes so I can roll over. Why do I hate my doctor you might ask, well for starters I have been pregnant for 39 weeks now and have maybe seen her 5 times if that and I see some different person just about every time we go in and I've tried to address my pains, questions, and concerns but they all have different answers or just don't communicate with each or the hospital. Also I wanted to talk about induction last Friday but was ushered out of the room by whomever I saw because I wasn't 39 weeks yet.  At the time, I was a day and half from turning 39 weeks. They could have at least told me a few things about. My boy is going to be big and they knew this, so it should have been brought up a while ago. At the very least the possibility of induction in case I go past my due date. Plus I had steady contractions for over 12 hours that did nothing and again for about five last night that probably did nothing and they all don't care.  Not to mention when you have an appointment with whoever at 1130 you expect to be seen close to that time and not an hour and half later while being made to sit in a hot room. And yes I realize it's too late to change doctors now, but next time I'm going with my first instinct which was to go to a midwife. Just have been made to feel like a piece of crap by my own doctor and staff by not caring. Plus I believe if you take the time to research a doctor for a pregnancy then it should be a given that you develop a relationship with them by seeing them for every visit. It's so upsetting that I just want to cry and lay in bed all day until my next appointment on Tuesday.