I'm just feeling sad and need to vent. I've never posted before so I hope this is OK. I lost my virginity to a guy and then things went bad. Now years later he's back in my life, I thought it was just sex then I caught the feels again. 😭 I turn down so many good guys cause I'm hung up on him.. Plus my best friend is mad at me for some unknown reason. I have plenty of other friends to hang out with but it still hurts, they're better friends than her but it's still shitty. I think it's because we liked doing different things and I made her do stuff she didn't like. I just always made the plans because if I didn't no one would, and we'd end up doing nothing. Also she's mad because I like to go out and drink and party and she dosent and can't handle herself when she does drink. We're just different people I guess but I still love her. I'm just really sad with my life right now and needed to vent a little. Sorry for sharing my life problems with strangers, I just need a friend right about now. 💔