Dr said my cholesterol is alarming and PCOS

Shyra • *Shy*Shy*
So I have been feeling not to healthy lately. I went to the doc and she took blood work and came back with alarming news that my bad cholesterol is alarming for my age (27) and I have PCOS. we want to have a baby soon and I am now worried about heart diesese and strokes... I am over weight at 210lb and 5'9". I probably don't exercise enough and my diet isn't horrible but isn't great either.... I am so bummed and don't even know where to start on getting healthy. I have a meeting with the nutritionist on Sept 1st hoping to get some insite on what to do...  
As far as the PCOS I have 2 kids from my previous marriage and never had any issues getting pregnant. I even got pregnant with twins no issue conceiving this past March however I had a miscarriage. I don't know if PCOS has anything to do with that or my high cholesterol. I am just so bummed out about it all.